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Japanese paper and glass inclusions

Translucides is a design agency that was founded by the French-Japanese couple Jean-Michel Letellier and Miki Nakamura. They started out designing Japanese paper (handmade paper using kozo fibres from the bark of the Japanese mulberry tree) and came up with the idea of protecting it in glass and resin inclusions.

They work with the Passage company (for laminated glass) and with PMMA resin. They do everything from researching to manufacturing the product for large construction projects (from 15-20 m2 upwards). They have developed a range of special papers for both of these techniques. These include extremely thin types of paper for laminated glass that are assembled in Eva Safe, and raised paper for use with PMMA, producing panels that can be illuminated using LEDs. The paper is included inside laminated glass by means of an Eva Safe film that combines the various components and makes them fireproof. These components are joined together in an oven at 140°C. The Eva Safe films are softened by the heat and absorbed by the paper, which makes it even more translucent. Each project must be studied separately; prices range from 300 to 1,000 euros per m2 depending on the choice of inclusion.


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