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Laminated Glass

Paper and Glass
Paper sheet - Inclusion in Laminated Glass

The paper is assembled between 2 sheets of glass by a coating : the evasafe which solidarizes the unit and makes it damp-proof. One can define the respective roles of paper and glass as the first being the heart and the second, protection. The paper allows a total or partial translucidity. The abstract or figurative drawings (papier d'ombres ©) filter the light through the organic fibre of the paper. The glass becomes magically sensual and poetic.



Paper sheet - Inclusion in Laminated Glass
Manufacture of the sheet. Production of the motif in the paper grain by adding pulp.
Paper sheet - Inclusion in Laminated Glass
Once the sheet is dry, a meticulous control is practised to withdraw all impurities included during manufacture, the sheet is then sent to be assembled.
 Paper sheet - Inclusion in Laminated Glass


The assembling is done in a furnace with a t° of 140 degrees. The layers of evasafe sofens and penetrate the paper making it still more translucent. The unit becomes interdependant and damp-proof. Opposite: 2 volumes 1500 x 2650 mm thickness 6 mm.
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