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Designers and manufacturers of exceptional paper, the Franco-Japanese couple, Jean-Michel Letellier and Miki Nakamura present their own creations of papiers d'ombres* and a collection of papiers végétaux, collections intended for inclusion in glass or resin.

Inspired by the concept of Japanese paper houses which filter daylight, the two designers (with the company Passage for the laminated glass and PMMA for the acrylic resin) developed a range of papers specific to the two techniques.

Papers of an extreme fineness for the laminated glass assembled with eva safe or papers in relief for PMMA which makes it possible to create among other uses panels lit by LEDs.


These innovative high luxery products are intended for prescribers and architects of interior design and furniture designers.

Swivelling doors, sliding partitions, fixed panels, flagstones for floors : for interior design. Tables, chairs, tabletops, counters, shelves : for furniture.

According to a study on the importance of the environment in the tertiary sector, it appears that the technique which consists in filtering light by paper fibre allows the occupants to reduce their heart rate! True or not, our desire is above all to offer a Zen atmosphere and to bring a maximum of serenity.

*Papiers d'ombres® : paper with motifs in filigree

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